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YoloSolo Woman

Solo women’s travel isn’t just a fad of the moment; it is exciting, challenging, fascinating and empowering. It paves the way for self discovery, reflection and exploration. To make your solo travel adventurous and memorable, we recommend 5 best places to travel around Australia. Are you ready to #YoloSolo?

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Australia – Fare $399, Package 5 Nights 6 days tour 3 Nights, 3 star accommodation

  1. Great connectivity of public transport in most of the cities
  2. Safe and friendly environment
  3. There are endless supplies of hostels, meet friendly backpackers
  4. Great place to explore different cuisines, wineries, breweries and bars
  5. Explore the pristine nature, beaches and wildlife
  6. Go snorkelling in the Great Barrier reef

Bali – Fare $999, Package – $410 for 5 Nights 6 Days, 3 star accommodation

  1. Warm, friendly and hospitable locals
  2. Getting around is easy – from Seminyak – most of the places are walkable, it is also easy to get some taxis
  3. There are endless options for yoga classes and retreats.
  4. Chill and unwind at beach clubs
  5. Experience history and culture at the ancient and intriguing temple

Fiji – Fare $589, Package $849 for 5 Nights 6 Days, 3 star accommodation

  1. The Fiji islands have been ranked world´s happiest country
  2. Everyone around greets you with Bula (Hello)
  3. Number of luxury hotels and resorts
  4. Hub for adventure and relaxation
  5. Great place to soak up culture and historic sights

Samoa Island – Fare $1099, Package $1398 for 5 nights, Ocean view villa

  1. The island is safe and people are friendly
  2. Easy to get around in taxis
  3. Relax and enjoy the soothing sound of ocean,
  4. Explore the magical To Sua Ocean Trench – The hole is filled with crystal clear, green water. A steep, slippery wooden ladder the only way into the stunning swimming hole.
  5. Experience nature and culture

New Caledonia – Fare $579

  1. Less touristy, good infrastructure
  2. Discover New Caledonia’s French Melanesian culture and history
  3. Spoil yourself at luxury resorts with pristine water and coral reefs
  4. It is easy to hire a car
  5. Getting around in ferries or buses are cheaper
  6. Snorkel at the world’s second largest reef

*Travel within 25 March – 19th April, Fare valid till 18th March

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